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WELCOME TO THE LIVING ROOM The small space with a big heart

Founded in 2013, The Living Room Studio in was created to provide sacred space for individuals looking to deepen their spiritual practice through spiritual counseling and meditation.

Our mission is to provide a supportive and empowering environment where people can find time for reflection and engage in deep inner work.

The Living Room respects that everyone has a unique path to travel, and endeavors to offer a space that is free of judgment and full of unconditional love for you as you learn to recognize your self-limiting habits and the blocks that keep you from experiencing your true self.

After four years in Port Washington, Living Room Studio is closing its doors and moving into a new space.

I am excited to announce that we are being welcomed in by our friends at Gritty Buddha, 38 Forest Avenue in Glen Cove, right next to Rising Tide Market!

Look for more group events, silent meditation opportunities, sangha-style gatherings, retreats. and community service, as we move into our 2018 season.

We're incredibly grateful to our community here in Port who have been so welcoming and supportive all of these years. This was not an easy decision. Thank you for being our first home. We'll never forget you.

And know this! We're not leaving you behind! Just as many of our community members already travel to us from Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Great Neck, and all over Long Island, we hope you will find your way to Glen Cove to join us on our next great adventure.

The Living Room Studio at Om Sweet Om in Port Washington will officially close to the public on Friday, August 11. We will re-open as The Living Room at Gritty Buddha in early September.

Helping you find new ways to connect with your being OUR OFFERINGS



Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for experiencing stillness, emptying yourself of inner burdens, and connecting to your Source.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

There is a deep longing in us for greater fulfillment, aliveness, authenticity, and love. Spiritual Counseling endeavors to shine a light on the wounds and beliefs that keep us from knowing our True Self.



Reiki is a balancing that the practitioner delivers through the hands, with intent to raise the amount of ki in and around the client, heal pathways for ki, and reduce negative energies.

Special Offer for New Clients

Private Meditation Instruction and Spiritual Counseling Available

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