Now in its fourth year, The Living Room Studio in Port Washington, NY was created to provide sacred space to individuals and small groups looking to deepen their spiritual growth through meditation, retreat, study and creative expression. The Living Room respects that everyone has a unique path to travel, yet realizes that the journey is a little bit easier – and much more fun – when made with friends.

We invite you to come sit with us and enjoy the space.


The summer is traditionally a slowing-down period here, and you’ll see that the slowdown has already begun. Many of our presenters have small children and/or commitments to attend to as the school year winds down, and we’ve altered our calendar to accommodate them. Please check with our events calendar, or our Facebook Page, in advance to see if the studio is open, or if your favorite event is happening on a given day.

The studio will be closed for group and public events most of the summer.

Special & Featured Programs

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    This Week's Events

    • Wed, June 29th, 2016, 10:30am
      $15-20 suggested. Space extremely limited. Please RSVP to hold your spot.
      NOTE: No class on Wed, June 22. Kundalini is an ancient, yet timeless technology of human potential that helps you look better, feel better, make clear decisions and not react to the daily challenges of your life in the same way. Kundalini as originally taught Yogi Bhajan is a physical and meditative discipline that combines...
    • Wed, June 29th, 2016, 12:00pm
      $15 Suggested contribution for receivers. $10 if you are invited to practice. RSVP requested to hold your spot. Drop-ins welcome as space allows.
      Note: No Reiki Circles on June 8 and 22nd Reiki Circles, sometimes referred to as Reiki Shares, are gatherings where the general public can come and experience Reiki in a group setting. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: Rei, universal spirit, and ki, life force energy. Thus, the word Reiki means...
    • Wed, June 29th, 2016, 7:00pm
      $15-$20 Suggested Contribution. RSVP Not Required. Drop-ins Welcome. Bring your copy of ACIM with you. We have a limited number of copies on hand to share.
      NOTE: NO CLASS JUNE 1st. WE WILL BE COVERING THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS IN JUNE: If you are able, please read the following sections in advance of that week’s gathering. June 1: NO CLASS June 8: Text Ch 20, Sect I-II June 15: Text Ch 20, Sect III-IV June 22: Text Ch 20, Sect V-VI June 29: Text Ch 20,...
    Click here for a complete list of all upcoming events.